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Leica Model C

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This model “C” Leica has the distinction of being the very first Leica camera to permit interchange ability of lenses. Lenses are mounted to the camera body via the well-known 39mm diameter by 1mm pitch threaded flange. This 39 x 1 specification is referred to historically as the “Leica thread”. Factory serial number records suggest the non-standardized Model C was introduced at No.37280 (in 1930) and terminated at No.55401 (in 1931). Since there now was the possibility to have multiple lenses used on a camera, “sets” were created and such a set is offered here. The body itself carries the serial number : 53043 and the 3 Hektor lenses (35mm/3,5 a 5cm/2,5 and a 135mm/4,5) ALL carry the serial number : 043. It is very seldom that a complete set like this survived and it actually might be the only one still existing in the world !!!


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