.. Leica M6 "3 Jours en France" - Merken - Foto Henny Hoogeveen

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Leica M6 "3 Jours en France"

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This camera is something nice and rare again which you do not see that often around. It is a limited Leica M6 "3 jours en France" (also published in the James Lager book (Volume 1;cameras on page 260) which were M6's who were presented to photojournalists by Kodak France in May 1989. The plate shows you that this is number 2 and actually was presented to a famous Nikon photographer who's name is Alain Ernoult which is stated in the letter which is included. This is a well known photographer and you can see what he "created" in his site : http://www.ernoult.com/


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