.. LEICA M6 “Schule Wetzlar ‘85” - Merken - Foto Henny Hoogeveen

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LEICA M6 “Schule Wetzlar ‘85”

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This is quite an unussual camera of which not many have been made. At the time customers could attend the “Leica Schule” (Leica school) and at the school which was in Wetzlar these customers could see the technicians assembling and testing the Leica M6 cameras. “After school” these customers could buy a Leica M6 for themsleves and could pay a little bit extra to have it engraved with their name and Leica Schule Wetzlar. It is not known or registered how many (or little) from these cameras were made by Leica but numbers are very,very limited. This camera has also been published in the book “Leica Cameras” from James L.Lager (on page 260). Price on request


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