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Fake Leica by Yibai

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Fake Leica L.A.

"What’s the story and idea behind the “Fake Leica” sculpture?"   "Duncan Meeder, owner of the Dutch Leica Boutique, initiated this project and Yibai Liao is the artist behind it.   The “Fake Leica” will be the first thing that people will see as they enter the Store. It’s huge, weighing in around 770 pounds, and makes a great first impression. I’m grateful it was sent here. Lees verder

Fake Leica by Yibai

Chinese artist and fake-maker Liao Yibai’s sculptures, glistening with their mirror finishes and minutely perfect details, amazingly conceal the laborious and precise work that goes into each piece. The creation of his Fake Leica cameras is comprised of the following five components:   Drawings The artist begins the process with detailed sketches depicting the texture, scale, and measurements. The sketches themselves stand as pieces of finished work; delicate lines reference areas of high detail contrasted with thick, bold lines indicating the shape and structure of the planned sculpture.   Clay and Wire It is at this point that Yibai’s creative vision takes on three dimensional form. Lees verder

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