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Hasselblad History

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Hasselblads Express Svenska

Hasselblad Svenska Express was made by Hugo Svensson & Co in Gothenburg in the 1890th and was sold by the company ”Hasselblads fotografiska”. . Lees verder

Hasselblad 503CX "Golden Blue"

Hasselblad 503CX  "Golden Blue" 50 Years Hasselblad 1941-1991   *** SOLD ***. Lees verder

Hasselblad 503CX 50 Years

Hasselblad 503CX CF "Golden Blue" model, 1941-1991 50th Anniversary model.  24K gold plated kit/blue leather. Only 700 made - collectors item.     *** SOLD ***. Lees verder

Hasselblad 2000FC/M Gold

Hasselblad 2000 FC/M - 100 years in Photography - 1885/1985 # 152     This commemorative camera was issued in 1985 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding the Hasselblad family wholesale company in 1885 and thus 100 years in photography. This group of 1500 cameras was sold in a distinctive wooden display box. Most cameras seen appear to have been assembled in 1984 with an observed serial number range RI 1520525 to RI 152081, and gold film magazines made in 1984 or 1985 (observed range 3264758 to 3306051). The 80mm F lenses (which come with a gold filter bayonet ring) are in the 587 series number block (5873642 to 5879122 seen). Lees verder

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